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Which ChatBot to use for my business?

There are over 428 ChatBot companies in the market. Which one should you choose for your business?

A bad decision can harm your business and raise your costs.

What elements do we consider? 

  • Easy to use.
  • Typology of use.
  • Communication channels. 
  • Sales or support.
  • Others more.
What is a Chatbot platform
Chatbot for Facebook
Guaranteed results

We have made a comparison of the cost / benefit ratio of each tool to maximize the results you will get.

Process automation

After conducting a complete analysis of your company, we will define which is the most appropriate ChatBot for your business.

Save time and money

We will implement the correct tools that will lead you to achieve the defined objectives.

Results focused methodology

We will determine the most appropriate tool, implementation and flow for your business.

Business analysis

We define the key points that will make the difference in the realization and implementation of your company's ChatBot.

Flow study

We choose the simplest way to create a linear, high-impact conversation that is as "human" as possible.

Cost and implementation

You will recover your investment in a short term, achieving the objective, according to your budget and the heading of your company.

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chatbot design
Prototype study

Your idea into a successful concept

We turn your ChatBot into a powerful tool for your business with a study of conversation flow using text and images.

Strategic measurement

You will achieve your goal taking into account only the key measurement points of your business.

Easy to use

We use a simple and linear conversation to get the most out of your business.

Our methodology

Evaluation of the utilization effectiveness

We guarantee our results with a practical test that helps us to know the
effectiveness of the tool.

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Simulation of use

We carry out a conversation flow simulation to determine the correct operation of the tool.

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Advanced reporting

We deliver a detailed report on how to implement the tool with an effective and practical flow.

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technical support with a ChatBot

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