About Xnod

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is that this technology will improve us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we will increase our intelligence.


Our value propositions

We help companies to reduce their operations’ costs with AI

ChatBot design specialists

Xnod was born with the vision of using ChatBots to solve the most repetitive tasks and thus be able to achieve the objectives of each company.

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. We believe that the first and most important tool for business is the implementation of Chatbots, to create a strong connection between the customer and the company.

In the Gartner CIO survey of 2019, CIOs identified chatbots as the leading AI-based application used in their companies.


About us

Artificial intelligence to strengthen your business

Xnod uses artificial intelligence to design innovative ChatBots programs that are revolutionizing the digital market.

Our mission is to help companies reduce their operating costs and optimize their processes with artificial intelligence.

The company was created in 2012 as an application development company in Panama, later describing the passion and potential of artificial intelligence applied to NPL.

We decided then to get certified with the leading companies in the market: Google and IBM and to make ChatBots almost "human" at an affordable cost.

We have a team of 16 passionate specialists in different technological areas around the world.

Our love for artificial intelligence helps us innovate and continue to train ourselves in this fast developing technological world.

We are partners in an AI research center in Turin, Italy, and this allows us to bring the most advanced discoveries in this spectacular science to our working area.

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Who we are?

We specialize in the implementation of ChatBot AI applied to online business.

Our history

We were born more than nine years ago to offer technological solutions in all markets.

Why the company

We help companies reduce and automate their processes and operations costs with AI.

Discover how to boost your business

Take your business to the next level with artificial intelligence

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Where do we stand out?

Your ally in continuous technological innovation

We focus on constantly training with our experts to always be at the forefront of the ChatBot technology sector. 

The increase in the usage of digital channels demands greater attention to inquiries from potential clients. Chatbots became the protagonists handling requests on websites, mobile applications, WhatsApp and social networks.

Chatbots reduce time spent in costumer service, solve repetitive processes and above all, improve the users’ experience

Companies that use AI chatbots will see a greater return on their investments. This technology is developed to always improve the machine and make it more humane, and this is how it gets closer to fulfil the needs of your costumers.

Chatbot are communication systems that interact with users. Those that are based on artificial intelligence offer a less robotized service, since they are not designed based on key questions.

Always by your side

Meet our team leaders

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Mark Cincinnati
General Manager
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Mason Campbel
Flow Conversation
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Natalia Rodriguez
client manager
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David Torres
Python Developer
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