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CMT Composity Inc.

Increased sales and technical support optimization with ChatBot AI Google

Our analysis methodology identified the critical points that could be automated with the chatBot, training and implementation with AI Google technology.

Business challenges

The challenge was automating repetitive processes and refining them to drive sales, technical support, and connection to the custom ticket system.


Our analysis defined that the correct tool to train the bot with API connection is Google DialogFlow.


Increase sales by 30%

The efficiency of the response after a long training increased sales that did not materialize due to delays or user doubts.
How much would you earn if you increase your sales by 30% like CMT Composity Inc.?

60% decrease in support tickets

Thanks to an efficient FAQ implemented through ChatBot, this company managed to lower technical support tickets and at the same time, reduced the cost of this section in human resources.
How much can your business save with this service?

66% Automatic case resolution

Thanks to the Chatbots AI, incidents were solved effectively and quickly, minimizing the hiring of human virtual assistants.
Imagine that the 66% of your customers' queries or complaints are automatically resolved?

Technology used

  • Google DialogFlow.
  • Backend Python.
  • Zendesk API connection.
  • Internal CRM connection.

“I think that when computers take on certain tasks, it will be difficult for us. It will be a long time before machines match humans with the kind of judgment we exercise in many different areas… I think it's a problem with a solution - now we have to avoid climate change and solve other problems"

BILL GATES - Co-founder of Microsoft.

MAssfullness srl

Lead generation and subscription base course offers

With our analysis we define the technology to be used to fulfill the main objective: to generate potential clients.

Business challenges

Create a tool that will efficiently automate the generation of leads from the lists of courses offered by the academy, achieving the objective with a limited budget.


Our implementation radically changed the business. The subscriptions in the lists increased with the consequent increase in the turnover of the academy.


Sales course increase by 44%

With the push of the base course, visitors entered the sales funnel becoming customers.

88% increase in subscription

With a message that invites action, the chatbot increased subscriptions by website visitors.

Downgrade technical support by 39%

A simple process was implemented to answer the simplest questions about the courses.

Technology used

  • Tidio ChatBot.
  • API Ticket System connection.
  • Internal CRM connection.

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Sas life insurance

Follow-up to frequently asked questions and advanced technical support

A study was carried out on how to deal with the problem in order to provide the highest value to the end customer and use the most appropriate technology.

Business challenge

To be able to automate all requests on the web with "human" tools and to understand customer queries with exhaustive answers.


The ChatBot was implemented and trained for more than three months to cover all possible questions, and support customers in search of the best solution, before passing them directly to a sales agent.


Product pipeline optimization

ChatBot was able to create a procedure to properly channel customers requests.

Satisfaction increases by 34%

The Chatbot sent a quick survey through WhatsApp to know the levels of satisfaction of real costumers.

Retention of 34% from potential clients

The rapid attention of the tool managed to increase customer retention thanks to its personalized treatment.

Technology used

  • Google DialogFlow.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Backend Python Django.
  • Freshdesk API connection. 
  • Internal CRM connection.
  • NSP connection.

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