Business intelligence

»Marketing without data is like
driving with eyes closed «

Dan zarella

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Business intelligence
Business intelligence

The power of Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services help your company design solutions that fully meet business needs and they provide quick benefits.

We provide you with professional consulting services regarding the implementation or renewal of your business intelligence solution.

For BI implementation

Explore our consulting services for your BI implementation or a full renovation.

To improve existing BI

Explore our consulting services for BI enhancement of an existing model.

»Data is what you need for analysis. Information is what you need to do business. - John Owen
Why work with xnod

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sap and Oracle Partners

Our team of business analysts and BI technology consultants can gather the business needs of different departments and design an integrated BI solution that will drive cost savings, performance improvement, and business growth.

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Our methodology

How we carry out the consultancy for Business Intelligence (BI)

We examine existing reporting and analytics systems, business processes, KPIs, and conduct interviews with your managers and analysts to understand business needs and goals.

Based on the findings, we specify the requirements for the BI software and hardware, prepare the solution design, define the KPIs and reports for the solution, and a detailed 3, 5, or 7-year BI path.

  • We design data quality assurance processes.
  • We develop an implementation strategy to integrate BI with your other business systems.
  • We define the challenges that can appear during the implementation of BI and the ways to solve them.
  • We design an adoption strategy for users.
  • We choose the data sources and ETL procedures at a high level.
  • We implement a proof of concept (for complex projects).
  • We plan the implementation by describing details such as resources, milestones, roles and responsibilities.

We are ready to take on the implementation ourselves and put all our recommendations into practice. We also have experience in providing BI implementation services.

At the same time, we respect your choice and, if you decide to continue with an external provider, we can help you select the best candidate and continue with the consulting commitment during the implementation carried out by an external provider. In this stage the steps are:

  • Explain the requirements to the supplier.
  • Monitor supplier performance.
  • In case of iterative implementation, adjust the scope of the next iterations based on user feedback.
  • Advice on the implementation of data quality measures in source applications.
  • Facilitating user adoption.
AI Gives Better Insight into Data

Data sources we use for
business intelligence

The BI solutions that we consult can take data from:

  • The company's ERP system.
  • CRM application (sales, marketing, customer service).
  • Human resource management applications.
  • Websites and web portals.
  • Management systems: (purchasing management, supplier management, warehouse management).
  • Other external sources.

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