We take care of the hard side of your business

Advanced ChatBot Design with
Artificial Intelligence

Automate your business and save time
maximizing performance
of your company

Optimize your Technical Support
Optimize your technical support
Generate more Online Customers
Generate more leads
Maximize Ecommerce Sales
Maximize sales
Automate internal processes
Automate internal processes

We help companies to reduce their operations’ costs with AI

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chatbot design

ChatBot Design

Automate your conversations with customers to streamline the process and improve the experience.

  • Tech support chat.
  • Sales chat.
  • Reservation chat.

We design a Chatbot for your business on the most popular messaging platforms:

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web ic
ic twitter @ 2x
ic telegram @ 2x
ic slack @ 2x
ic skype @ 2x
ic messenger @ 2x
ic google nice
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BI Group Discussion

We design the future's business

Business intelligence

Receive consulting to fully exploit the data that your business collects daily. Get immediate answers to the most frequent questions of an entrepreneur.

  • What has happened and why it happened.
  • How to get where you want to go.

The intelligent management of information lets you know what stops or accelerates your business processes.

Why work with xnod

Google, IBM and Amazon AWS Partners

We use the best technologies in the market to offer our clients security and reliability in their business.

Certified Team
24/7 Technical Support
Development Guarantee
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Xnod solutions

Our services for ChatBot

ChatBot development
ChatBot development

Development, training and execution to make your Bot "human".

Analysis Opmization 2
Analysis and optimization

We improve the bot's performance with advanced daily training.

Advanced API 2 integrations
Advanced API integrations

We maximize the functionalities of the Bot with connections to external systems.

Conversational Study
Conversational study

We structure a linear and persuasive conversation to maximize the experience.

E commerce 2 integrations
E-commerce integrations

Boost sales and support for your online store with a ChatBot.

ChatBot Platforms Consulting
ChatBot platform consulting

We choose the best tool in the market based on your budget.

Discover how to automate your business

Take your business to the next level with artificial intelligence.

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Our vision & mission

Adding value with innovation

Increases the efficiency and speed of work.

AI chatbot also offers the following advantages: 

  • Always available.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • They can handle millions of simultaneous conversations.
  • It is able to "understand" when the user needs to be attended by a human agent.

The substantial difference is that an AI ChatBot interprets the language and makes decisions, trains and improves itself. A Sequential Bot is “basic” because it follows a linear process without intervention.

ChatBots are conversational artificial intelligence systems that understand what a user tells them like a human would. In what sense? they can understand what you need regardless of the way you ask for it, they can offer suggestions, book appointments, and even integrate with third-part software.

The benefits are multiple, for example: maximize sales automatically, improve the relationship with your customers, optimize the cost of production. Give technical support solving up to 78% of your clients' requests.

How to revolutionize your company?

Business categories

Automate your business using the most advanced technology:
Google, IBM and Amazon Lex.

Blog Website
Blog and website
Online Store 2
Online store
Physical Business
Local business
Social networks
Social networks
What do they say about us?

Comments from
our clients

"The use of my chatbot totally exceeded our expectations; it increased sales and increased customer satisfaction. I thought that was impossible with a bot, but I admit it is pleasurable, Xnod boosted our business in a significant way."
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Alejandro Hidalgo
CEO of Seven Group LLC